I am Sandra Pettersson born -87 in the north of Sweden where I still live. Mother of three wild, sensitive and strong willed boys. Teacher and forever student of yoga. Doula in training. Finding my way as I walk it (or dance it or drag through it).

The idea for Lifemother is something that has been more or less present troughout my life and is always evolving just as I am. Therefor it is hard to define it without feeling like I restrict myself, but I will tell you this…

The name Lifemother is my own word play with what I consider to be the most beautiful word in the swedish language, Livmoder. It is really the name for uterus but litterally translates to Lifemother. How. Beautiful. Is. That!? And I am so amazed by this organ/portal I don’t know where to start.

So I have been gathering information and life excperience throughout puberty, pregnancy, postpartum, parenting (and all other things in life that doesn’t start with p) and over the years I´ve come to realize that for some super wierd reason the uterus is not as exiting to everyone. I know, shocking right? Some people even seem to think I might be able to be of service to others simply by sharing my perspective on life and birth.

I love writing and I love the sense of community the Internet has gifted us with in this day and age. Like a few years back when I didn’t know anyone who was into yoga or had had a home birth, I found my community online. I also feel like I need some sort of platform where I can share my story as I evolve, mostly for my self and if I you want to take part in any of it I would be honored.

Welcome to Lifemother