The Birth Hour Podcast

If you follow me on Instagram @lifemother you might remember that I posted this picture a while back, saying I was super happy and excited doing something WAY out of my comfort zone...

And now I am even more excited to tell you what I was up to: Recording my three birth stories over Skype with the wonderful Bryn Huntpalmer for her podcast The Birth Hour!!!

I was sooo nervous about putting myself out there like that and even more so about speaking English. I read and write and even think in English a lot, but I hardly ever speak it and my tounge was almost sore the day after from making all those unusual sounds... But like all of the Birth Hour episodes I am proud to say mine too turned out so well and I will always treasure having this recording of my births.

It has been a while since we did the recording, but the timing of the episode going live could not have been better. Yesterday I got back from my final weekend of doula training in Gothenburg and I am now ready to help out any pregnant mama in the UmeƄ area.

If you have not yet listened to The Birth Hour you are one lucky person because that means you have 70 absolutely beautiful episodes of mamas sharing their births to listen to. It is without a doubt my favorite podcast and it is such an honor to get to share my stories there. You should also check out @thebirthhour on Instagram for some serious oxytocin :)

Thank you so much Bryn!