Swedish Television

About one year ago the local news came to visit me in our home to talk about why I chose to give birth at home. Why? Living in Sweden where almost all births and prenatal care are handled by midwives you would think that home births are quite common and a very "normal" one by an infamous person like myself would have no news worth what so ever. But that's not the case at all!

In fact there are only about one hundred planned home births every year in the whole country and right now only two cities have the option available within the regular maternal care. When I chose to give birth at home I had never met or even heard about anyone who had done it. That is the reason I agreed to talk about this on TV even though it was kind of scary. I love the saying "if you don't know you options, you don't have any" and the most common reaction I get when I tell women about giving birth at home is "I had no idea that was an option". 

The clip was also followed up the day after (I think because of some uninformed reactions about the costs and risks of birthing at home) with another clip where they went more into what the research is actually showing and how it looks in some other western European countries where giving birth in the comfort of your own home is more common.

During the past year I have had another baby (this time not at home, but that story is for another time). I have also realized that there is nothing calling me stronger than the sacred act of bringing babies to this world. I know I can't keep having them forever myself, therefor I have decided to go through Doula training this spring and also start I am hoping to provide information, support and inspiration to all the amazing mamas out there. May you know your options and have a wonderful empowering experience of pregnancy, birth and beyond - however that may look for you.